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I like to tr different styles; so...
I have Chibis, anime/manga styles, and realism practice XD
Mostly dne with a mechanical pencil, lead size: whatever I feel like for that time [0.7/0.5/0.9]
Also have acrylics, watercolours, pastels... etc :icononionxdplz:




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  • Mood: Gloomy
  • Listening to: Tengaku cover by Nodoame and Akiakane
  • Reading: NAKAMA contest winning entry#2 2013
  • Watching: how my luck will increase or decrease O.o
  • Playing: GETTING BACK TO MY PSP! (finallySomethingGood!XD)
I used to think watchers meant a step up to fame and fortune, but that's not happening unless I create a successful pic and get a Daily Deviation, huh? XDD well, we all know it wont happen. :X
Why so negative, you may ask? (Actually, why so Feizu-style question right now XD) Well, I'm headed back to Abu Dhabi after tomorrow
 Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon Pikachu Crying Plz Hatsune Miku-07 (Cries) I guess there's no avoiding it. Bulbasaur Crying cries  Either way, I guess I'll revert to a somewhat simpler dA page and do what I originally came to do: NOT gain fame and blah, but find someone whose skills push me on, like the amazing Sakimichan and now likely deactivated Cataclysm-X.
Seems most the people I listed as friends earlier are asleep too... XD Well, time to go meet new people?


Aliases: KIBA , NAI
"If I no longer had this voice, would you still, even then, love me?
If I no longer had these fingers, would you even then still love me?
If I was no longer human, would you love me?'
The answer I feared could never be told and I pluck the final feather alone..."
But I have no Len to sing me the answers.

Need a Happy Ending Simulator,
But it's only in my head.

:bulletblack: Naïve with many ideas
:bulletblack: praise those I'm jealous of
:bulletblack: amateur artist who loves experimenting
:bulletblack: regrets not having any single musical ability :tears:
:bulletblack:can manage a bit of French
:bulletblack:is attempting Japanese and Korean due to fandoms
:bulletblack:Bulgarian by birth,
:bulletblack:Horror / Action / Psychological/ detective anime & manga :heart:
:bulletblue: ...however I have a phobia of it ( if the gore is too realistic...)
:bulletblack:animated, mystery, adventure, action or comedy movies please~
:bulletblue: favourites include Disney so feel free to mention anything ^^
:bulletblack: creates MANY OCs... Yeah, I mean it. If you'd like an OC role play, select your character(s) :XD:
:bulletblack: not much of a gamer yet, but I DO enjoy it when I get my hands on a game :mwahaha:

Umm... What to say? I'm basically a girl who enjoys oriental / Asian music and arts.
I like making visual images of what words or phrases mean to me, but since I have so many ideas in my head, it's not always possible to do them all. I don't have a lot of patience, to top that off.
Goals for summer 2014:
:bulletred: grab a camera and head out to take photos.
:bulletred: make an original choreography for songs like PONPONPON (Nano and Vin version) and Tenshou Sho Tenshou (Ashikubi cover) and more
:bulletred: attempt to make covers for Soleil, Seasonal Feathers and Crimson
:bulletblack: AND English adaptions like Give Me Your Heart (ROMEO) and I Still Love You (PURE).
:bulletred: get a PS3 and play FFX/X-2 and FF XIII / XIII-2 and The 3rd Birthday & FFVII: CC (on PSP)
:bulletred: grab a few friends, help them draw and ask a few to help me learn Japanese... (Damn are you gonna be busy, Q...)
:bulletred: draw my manga idea and get the stories out of my head
(Yeah, I have a bunch I need to finish:
:bulletyellow: PARALYSIS as the manga,
:bulletyellow: Heaven's Guard,
:bulletyellow: genderbent Cinderella,
:bulletyellow: house of falling cards,
:bulletyellow: and the one which needs a rename; TheatREALITY.)
:bulletred: have an anime marathon for one week in June, Kdrama marathon for the next week if I like what's going on in those dramas.
:bulletred: create a Konan (NARUTO) and Len (VOCALOID) costume so I can cosplay
:bulletred: find a freakin job for the next school year so I can actually be productive -.-

Um... since I aslo makea lot of characters, but the ones I love most are the ones I created just like that (no specific inspiration) but end up looking like girls... Now, i don't mind drawing a beach scene to show it but Assume Male FIRST by querulousArtisan

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